Maximize Your Parking By 5x – lots of room for ideas!

The E-Parktower is one of the most innovative parking solutions which features proven technology and design that allows 5 times the car parking capability. Our parking solutions include and are not limited to company owned, public or private spaces that seek help maximizing existing parking lots, or parking structure design from any range to small, medium or large. Our company designs and installs unique tier parking systems while guaranteeing the professional assistance of our qualified personnel. Invest in the future of tomorrow!






E-Parktower – Making Optimum Use of Parking Space

Space is becoming increasingly valuable. Instead of sacrificing valuable space for huge car parks, E-Parktower offers a unique solution to your space problem and is significantly more efficient than multi-storey car parks or underground garages.
This allows you to make the best use of the available space.

The E-Parktower remains mobile and can be flexibly relocated or extended. In addition, the E-Parktower offers a digital advertising space, protection against theft, vandalism and charging points for electric vehicles.

The E-Parktower offers particularly advanced solutions such as a parking space reservation option, a billing system tailored to you, a photovoltaic system with battery storage and automatic license plate recognition.

Now is exactly the right time! Secure your individual E-Parktower and arrange a meeting to get to know it!


Talk to us about funding opportunities!

Talk to us about funding opportunities!

Talk to us about funding opportunities!

Talk to us about funding opportunities!

The Promise

The E-Parktower is the most efficient system for parking and presentation.

Your E-Parktower

Together with our qualified personnel, you develop a parking system that perfectly suits you and your company.

By making optimal use of the space, you can easily accommodate 5x as many cars as before. This creates space for ideas on how to use your valuable space more sensibly.

Our impressive E-Parktowers offer numerous functions to adapt perfectly to your needs.

Your advantages

Prepared for modular extensions

100 % automatic

Easy parking in and out

Protection against theft and vandalism

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Mobile and flexibly expandable

Prepared for micro-mobility

Prepared for e-mobility


What do you want your E-Parktower to look like?

The equipment

The E-Parktower is available in 6 variants, from 6 to 16 parking lots. Each E-Parktower is prepared for a PV system including battery storage, e-mobility and micro-mobility as well as for the attachment of a digital advertising space.
The numerous expansion and customisation options make your E-Parktower the perfect solution for your parking space!

Individual extensions:

Electric vehicle charging functionality on every parking space

Architecturally customisable façade

Photovoltaic system with battery storage

Facade greening

Video surveillance with license plate recognition

App connection

E-bike charging facilities / micro-mobility

5G antenna

Digital advertising space


Our Customers Success Stories

Check out our latest success and the promise we kept with our customers.

Günter Hessing (Raiffeisen-Warengenossenschaft Haltern eG) interviewed by Manuel Huch
(E-Parktower GmbH)

Huch: Mr Hessing, what were your thoughts when you first heard about the E-Parktower?

Hessing: I was immediately very interested and thought to myself that a solution like this is missing in today's world. I immediately came up with various ideas for possible applications.

Huch: What were the decisive points for your decision to build an E-Parktower in Haltern am See?

Hessing: In the first conversation I quickly noticed the quality and passion with which the development of this solution was being driven, the opportunities the E-Parktower offers and the problems it can solve.

I am proud to be able to realise the first project together with the E-Parktower team and would be happy to see many more E-Parktowers all over the country in order to charge my electric vehicle there in the future.

The Team

The dent in the universe

The team behind E-Parktower is stepping up to change the world. We are firmly convinced that E-Parktowers will soon be an integral part of our landscape and simplify the everyday lives of us humans.

The frustrating search for parking spaces, the fear of vandalism, the worry about having enough charging points - all that is history.

That's why we get up every day and get to work!

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